The beautiful view shed from the dino track site looking northeast towards the NW parcel

A rezoning application was recently submitted to Jefferson County to change the existing zoning of two privately owned parcels located on the northwest and southeast corners of C-470 and West Alameda.

The applicant, Three Dinos, LLC is looking to change the existing zoning from CD-RM (Corridor District Medium Scale Retail) to Planned Development.  If the rezoning is approved, it will allow for additional uses such as- motorcycle sales, automotive dealerships, and building material retail stores. The northwest parcel, immediately adjacent to the Dinosaur Ridge visitor center, could have up to 28 acres of automotive dealerships if the rezoning is approved. Defeating the rezoning doesn't equal preservation or no development but it says no to the dealerships and other additional proposed uses and sends a strong message that the community greatly values the area. Please click here for an info sheet provided by Jeffco Planning and Zoning.

If the rezoning is approved it will (in our opinion) diminish the character of Dinosaur Ridge, a cherished and renowned National Natural Landmark (designated in 1973) that attracts visitors from within Colorado and outside of the state and generates tourism dollars. The proposed rezoning appears to be in direct conflict with the Jefferson County Master Plan that clearly states one of the goals of the open space program is to protect and enhance unique or distinctive areas of Jefferson County.  Allowing the addition of automotive dealerships immediately adjacent to this landmark and open space would be in direct conflict with these goals and priorities.  The overall visitor experience would be compromised by the addition of automotive dealerships, mini-storage, and mini-warehouses.

Our Mission

We are seeking the following:

  • Rejection of the application to rezone the parcels on the NW and SE corners of W Alameda and C-470
  • Development that is compatible with the natural beauty, geologic features, and historical significance of the area.
  • Land use decisions that are compatible with the Jefferson County Master Plan
  • Protection of the overall visitor experience and user experience of Dinosaur Ridge, Green Mountain, and Dakota Ridge.

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They Paved Paradise to Put Up a Parking Lot
— Joni Mitchell