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We sincerely thank everyone who took the time attend the hearings, send an e-mail, phone call, tell their neighbors, and spread the word on this issue. In many ways our work here is just starting- so please stay tuned for next steps and important updates. 

Some might be wondering- if the property is zoned commercial already, why fight car dealerships? What have you really won? The concerned neighbors that joined forces to defeat the rezoning realized one simple fact- if the rezoning passed our beautiful foothills, surrounding open space, and our adjacent National Natural Landmark (Dino Ridge) would be polluted with 28.0 acres of car dealerships. Yes, we know the developer made certain concessions but we firmly believe the only way to truly mitigate the impacts of car dealerships is to situate them in an area that is not surrounded on all three sides by open space, one of the last remaining areas of truly dark skies on the west side of town. The only thing we knew with some degree of certainty- if the rezoning passed we end up with 28.0 acres of car dealerships.

The developer has held this property for close to ten years under the existing commercial zoning with no prospect of development, they stated this plain as could be in their rezoning application. Dinosaur Ridge Neighbors believes that with the rezoning off the table perhaps we’ll finally get a seat at the table. We firmly respect property rights but we also want the developer to respect the considerable investment of open space, the view shed, the history, the biological diversity, the dark night sky. In many ways, the rezoning battle magnifies some of the struggles we face in politics- we want our government and elected officials to make decisions on behalf of the citizens and tax payers rather than the wealthy special interests that hold far too much influence.  

We have serious concerns on how the NW property was rezoned from agriculture to commercial zoning in 2007. We realize that perhaps the best and highest use of the land may include little or no development given the significance of this area. We believe a true compromise exists that respects property rights and the treasured resources that makes CO and Jefferson County such a desirable place to live. We understand some might say- you’re fighting a losing battle but at this juncture we firmly believe real solutions exist to satisfy all parties. We thank our two Jeffco commissioners (Tighe and Szabo) for giving us the opportunity to find out


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