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Subject: Vote NO on the Proposed Green Tree Settlement

Dear Commissioners and Lakewood City Council,

I urge you to vote NO on the proposed Green Tree Metro District settlement agreement.  The proposed settlement will force the taxpayer to repay the loan for the developer. A true settlement must include a means of actual material repayment.

What the proposed settlement agreement does is promise to tax future residents and use this future tax money to "pay back" current residents ‑ using new tax revenue to pay back old tax revenue. There is no "pay back" there is only new taxes. The developer will retain all the profit created by the taxpayer loan – the developer will retain all the profit in the increased value of the land generated by the construction of the C‑470/Alameda Interchange.

The proposed settlement agreement provides no benefit to the taxpayers of Jefferson County and City of Lakewood. Instead, it imposes an additional tax burden on its residents. It also imposes yet another abusive special district on the remainder of Rooney Valley.

It is time for Jefferson County and City of Lakewood to enforce repayment of the loan and negotiate a settlement that is in the best interest of the taxpayer. Jefferson County and City of Lakewood should reject the proposed settlement agreement and take a much more aggressive stance in litigating and negotiating a result that will honestly repay the taxpayers, in land or money.




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