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Dear Mayor Paul and Lakewood City Council,

I am writing to express my concern about the Big Sky Metro District.

Big Sky Metro District (aka Brookfield, the Solterra developer) is proposing to become the new sanitation provider for Rooney Valley and Dinosaur Ridge.  Green Mountain Water and Sanitation District (GMWSD) is our long standing, publicly accountable sanitation district.

On May 8, 2018, while the votes were being counted and three of the GMWSD board members were being voted out of office, they signed an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) requested and prepared by Big Sky (Brookfield). 

The IGA established new and expanded boundaries for Big Sky (Brookfield) Metro District without the permission of Lakewood.

The IGA also extended the purpose of the Big Sky District from building homes and retail to the creation of a new sanitation district without the permission of Lakewood. This new proposed Big Sky (Brookfield) sanitation district would be owned, operated and managed by Brookfield, a private for-profit developer, not a public entity elected by and accountable to residents.   This is wrong for a variety of reason, which include the following:

  • Big Sky Metro District (Brookfield) was created by the City of Lakewood. 

  • Big Sky (Brookfield) did not have permission from the City to change the district boundaries created by the City

  • Brookfield did NOT have authority to change the scope of the Big Sky Service Plan from residential and commercial construction to operation of a sewer district.

  • Any proposed new sanitation district should be operated and managed as a public entity accountable to residents (as is GMWSD).

  • Big Sky (Brookfield) should follow the state statutes for the creation of a new sanitation district, including public hearings.

  • Big Sky (Brookfield) original service plan sanitation construction costs authorized by the City were projected at $400,000, the new IGA sewer construction costs are $3,800,000.

This will be a technically complicated and sophisticated sewer system pumping sewage up and down several grades, with lift stations and at least one storage tank.   For example, sewage waiting its turn to be pumped up hill will be stored in a large tank.  According to the IGA that tank will stink. Big Sky (Brookfield) will decide where to place that tank and how to mitigate the odor.  The issue should be discussed in a public hearing and decided by public officials accountable to the public.  

I strongly encourage the City of Lakewood to either create a new publicly accountable sanitation district pursuant to CRS 32-4-508 or invite Big Sky to obtain the City of Lakewood's authority to modify the Big Sky district to include establishing a new sanitation district, run by Big Sky (Brookfield).

A private, profit-generating sewer system managed by a private developer is NOT the right approach for the Rooney Valley.


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