The Applicant has submitted their 2nd referral documents to Jefferson County.  This gives the community and other agencies the opportunity to review the documents and once again submit comments. Please Click Here for links to access the Second Referral Documents.

The second referral period ended 10/11/2016 but citizens may provide comments anytime before the hearing with the Jeffco commissioners is scheduled. It's not too late! 

We strongly encourage everyone to submit comments to the Jeffco Planning and Zoning Case Manger Heather Gutherless and the Jefferson County Commissioners. Please click here for contact info!

A sample 2nd referral period comment letter written by a member of the community is provided below.  Please make sure you submit comments to Jeffco Planning and Zoning as well as the commissioners!! there's still time and this is not a done deal!

Sample Second Referral Period Comment Letter Published with Permission from the Author:

Thank you for the notification about the 2nd Referral documents for the proposed rezoning cases at C-470 and West Alameda Parkway.

I have reviewed the staff comments and the applicant responses and am surprised that the applicant seems to expect the property to be rezoned without making any commitments regarding TIF participation, traffic control measures, buffers, integration with the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center, and other important development standards, expectations and requirements that staff has requested.  The applicant repeatedly states that these standards and requirements will be considered at the platting or site development plan stages AFTER the rezoning.  The applicant will not even commit to demonstrating the availability of water or sanitary sewer service until Final Plat approval.  Rezoning applicants should expect some quid pro quo; these applicants, however, seem to think that they should be handed the rezoning without having to make any of the commitments and concessions that are normally part of the process.

The staff report on the rezonings states (quite correctly, I believe) that the proposed land uses are not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  The applicant argues unsuccessfully that the proposed uses are in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan and that no concessions are needed to make the rezoning compatible with the Comprehensive Plan.  It could be argued that Jefferson County's classification of "PD" zoning is essentially a PUD under state statutes and therefore must comply with the requirement that PUD rezonings must conform with the community's comprehensive plan.  Incompatibility of the rezoning with the Comprehensive Plan is sufficient reason for the Planning staff to recommend denial of the rezoning.

The proposed rezoning at C-470 and West Alameda Parkway are not in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, are not in the best interest of the County, and are not in the best interests of the community and the adjacent scenic and historic resources.  The present zoning is already overly permissive, and the applicant makes no compelling argument that the County should ignore the Comprehensive Plan and act to make the zoning even more permissive.  Jefferson County seems all too eager to abandon their Comprehensive Plan and generally well-conceived land use policies just to see development on vacant land, rather than to exercise patience and restraint and wait for the land to be developed as originally planned.  I hope that this won't happen on these parcels.

I urge the staff to recommend AGAINST these proposed rezonings, and I urge the County Commissioners to deny the proposed rezonings.

Thank you for your consideration of these comments.