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Dear Commissioner (insert Szabo, Tighe or Rosier)

I am strongly opposed to rezoning at C-470 and W Alameda. I am in favor of community discussion to determine appropriate land use that will take into consideration current zoning regulations, the rights of the land owner and, most importantly, the obligation of our generation to protect the natural beauty, geologic features and archaeological significance of this area for future generations.

As an elected official you have a responsibility to support the will of the people.

As an American citizen I have a responsibility to vote.


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To: Heather Gutherless, Case Manager, Planning and Zoning, Planning and Zoning Commission and Honorable Board of County Commissioners:

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I am submitting formal comments in opposition to the proposed rezoning on the NW and SE parcels located at C-470 and W Alameda (Case Numbers 16-108148RZ and 16-108156RZ ). As a ___________,1 I strongly urge Jefferson County to deny the application and proposal to rezone these two parcels.

The proposed rezoning request highlights the very reason why counties need zoning rules and regulations to ensure smart growth and development that makes sense in the context of the surrounding area.  The current zoning permits a wide variety of uses.  The proposed zoning provides for additional uses including motorcycle and automotive dealerships and building material retail stores.  These uses are expected to affect wildlife, recreational users such as hikers and bicyclists due to increased traffic, light pollution, and view shed destruction while providing little benefit for the local community.  The hours of operation of automobile dealerships would be in direct conflict with recreation users.

The proposed use will diminish the character of Dinosaur Ridge, a cherished and renowned National Natural Landmark (designated in 1973) that attracts visitors from within Colorado and outside of the state and generates tourism dollars. The proposed rezoning is in direct conflict with the Jefferson County Master Plan that clearly states one of the goals of the open space program is to protect and enhance unique or distinctive areas of Jefferson County.  Allowing the addition of automotive dealerships immediately adjacent to this landmark and open space would be in direct conflict with these goals and priorities.  The overall visitor experience would be severely compromised by the addition of automotive dealerships and building material retail stores. 

For these reasons, I am strongly opposed to the rezoning and sincerely hope you will consider the impacts to the surrounding community including property values, Dinosaur Ridge, public parks and open space, recreational users, and wildlife when you evaluate the application and ultimately make a decision on this extremely important matter.  The proposed rezoning is not in accordance with the entire Jefferson County Master Plan, but is in accordance only with recommendations made in the Central Plains Area Plan for the C-470 / Alameda Activity Center (Area 31). The recommendations found in Area 31 are inconsistent with the entire body of Jefferson County Planning and Zoning documents that indicate consistently that development and rezoning needs to carefully consider surrounding approved land uses. Further, Appendix B III b of the Comprehensive Master Plan indicates specifically that zoning and development adjacent to open space and parks is low intensity, not medium or large. Because the proposed rezoning violates numerous principles of the Jefferson County Master plan, I request Jefferson County deny the application to rezone these two parcels.


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