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We have just learned that plans to break ground on the property around Dinosaur Ridge in 60 - 90 days.

to write Jeffco Case Managers(Sample Letter Below) and Commissioners Send emails to:

Lindsey Margolies- lmargoli@co.jefferson.co.us

Ross Klopf- rklopf@co.jefferson.co.us

Libby Szabo- commish1@jeffco.us

Casey Tighe- commish2@jeffco.us

Tina Francone- commish3@jeffco.us

Please feel free to copy and paste the letter language below for your email to Jeffco!

Mr. Ross Klopf                                                                 

Case Manager Jefferson County Planning and Zoning

100 Jefferson County Parkway

Golden, Colorado 80419

Re: Case No. 17-107032PF, C470 Alameda Business Park Application for Preliminary and Final Subdivision Plat, Three Dinos, LLC, Owner

Dear Jeffco Commissioners and Staff:

I am asking you to deny the request of Three Dinos and Stream Realty for development on the NW quadrant of the C470/Alameda interchange for the following reasons:

1) The proposed development, including the actual buildings, is completely contrary to the Master Plan. The current zoning of the entire C-470 Alameda Activity Center was arbitrarily granted while being aggressively advanced by a Jeffco Administration circa 2007-2011 that was mired in ethics violations and conflicts of interest with developers. 

2) The Green Tree Metro District, whose boundaries exclusively encompass the area surrounding the C470 interchange, was formed by private property owners who call themselves Three Dinos, LLC. These owners also happen to be developers who were active on Jeffco boards at the time and contributed disproportionately to Jeffco Commissioner campaigns.

3) The Green Tree Metro District board of directors was, and still is, made up exclusively of the principals of Three Dinos, LLC. This LLC received nearly $10M of PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS more than 10 years ago; Jeffco provided $6M and Lakewood provided $3M to construct the C-470/Alameda Interchange. Green Tree has broken its promise to repay these loans and it now appears had no intention to repay the loans in the first place. Jefferson County should take all necessary steps to legally and administratively secure immediate repayment of this loan of taxpayer dollars so that the money can be used to protect and promote Dinosaur Ridge instead of facilitating the destructive development of Dinosaur Ridge.  No development applications should be approved for this area until immediate repayment is secured.

4) Special districts in Colorado are REQUIRED to have either 5 or 7 directors on their board. Green Tree has NEVER met this requirement and has historically had either two or three Dinos as the sole directors. For this reason alone Jefferson County should deny the service plan and deactivate the Green Tree Metro District.

It is completely inappropriate for Jefferson County to continue to FACILITATE this egregious abuse of tax payer resources promulgated by former commissioners with a clear record of nepotism, bad governance, and flaunting the rules. 

It is completely inappropriate for any municipality, including JEFFERSON COUNTY, to facilitate private development for profit. Since the taxpayers are the primary investors so far, we deserve a right to determine how this unique site will be developed. Or, we want our $6 MILLION BACK NOW, plus interest.


Your name

Concerned Jeffco Citizen, taxpayer & voter.

effco Planning and Commissioners                                              Lakewood City Council

Lindsey Margolies- lmargoli@co.jefferson.co.us                 Dave Skilling- dskilling@lakewood.org

Ross Klopf- rklopf@co.jefferson.co.us                                Barb Franks- bfranks@lakewood.org

Libby Szabo- commish1@jeffco.us                                     Karen Harrison- kharrison@lakewood.org

Casey Tighe- commish2@jeffco.us                                     Dana Gutwein- dgutwein@lakewood.org

Tina Francone- commish3@jeffco.us                    Ramey Johnson- rjohnson@lakewood.org

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