Breaking News- our voices were heard on 1/17 loud and clear! The rezoning request to allow car dealerships on the NW corner of C-470 and Alameda was denied! After hearing 7 hours of public testimony (almost all in opposition) the Jeffco commissioners passed a resolution in a 2-1 vote to allow several of the requested additional uses (hotel, car wash, gas station) but they DID NOT approve Auto Retail! Check out the coverage on 9 news: click here

We sincerely thank everyone who took the time to attend the hearings, send an e-mail, phone call, tell their neighbors and spread the word on this issue. In many ways our work here is just starting- so please stay tuned for next steps and important updates. Please read here for an more in depth discussion on our position. 

  • How will Car Dealerships at Alameda and C-470 Affect the Regional Economy? Click Here to Find Out (written by three PhD Economists)

  • An excellent article was recently published in the Westword about the rezoning battle- please click here to read it! We promise it's worth your time. 

  • Please consider making a $5.00 donation via GoFundMe to support our mission- Please Click Here. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. 

  • A new petition on Change.Org was started. Please Click Here to Sign! (and also send e-mails and call the commissioners visit Take Action). 

  • The last public hearing on the rezoning will take place on 1/17/2017. The 3 Jeffco County Commissioners will ultimately vote to approve or deny the rezoning. Please plan on attending on 1/17/2017 at 8:00 AM- the public will be allowed to provide testimony at this hearing! It's the last chance to make your voice heard!

  • Your attendance and participation at the commissioner hearing on 1/17 is extremely important. If you can't make the hearing please make sure to send an e-mail to the 3 Commissioners (Click Here for info on six ways you can help before the hearing!)  Check out Events as well for the details. Thank you! 


1) a timeline has been posted that details how the heck we got here (car dealerships next to open space and a national natural landmark, you have to be kidding, right?) once you read the timeline you might be just a little bit angry, so please take the time to check it out!

rezoning is not a done deal- please make sure to make your voice heard and e-mail Jeffco planning and zoning as well as Jeffco commissioners. click here for all the info.

2) We Need your help! If you have legal or economic expertise and would like to volunteer your time to help dinosaur ridge neighbors please drop us an e-mail: Thanks so much :)

3) The first referral response letters to the Applicant have been posted by Jeffco planning and zoning in the case files- click here to read NW Parcel and Click here to read SE Parcel. The entire rezoning case files can be accessed by visiting Learn More

4) The first referral period on the rezoning application has ended but the public can still submit comments and register their opposition! There's still time but please don't delay! Click here to learn how (we promise it's pretty easy)!

Thank you for sharing this important information- The opposition to rezoning makes the local news- Check it out

Dinosaur Ridge Neighbors


This local, grass roots organization was formed in late March 2016 to mobilize the citizens of Colorado to defeat the rezoning of privately owned parcels of land at the NW and SE quadrants of C-470 and West Alameda (near Dinosaur Ridge, Green Mountain Open Space and Dakota Ridge Open Space). We truly believe with a unified effort we can stop the rezoning. The ultimate vision is to try and protect the land from uses not compatible with the surrounding open space.


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